Your question

Your organization numbers countless highly qualified employees. Each one unique in his or her field of competence. Through an ageing population, technological changes, growth ambitions and more flexible employments however your number of staff is subject to change. You constantly have a need for young high graduates with growth potential, which have a lot more going for one than just a Master’s degree.

You do not have to find those rare candidates. That we have already done for you.

Our solution

Cullinan Academy is well introduced in the national and international academic world. That gives us the position to bind to us a select group of high graduates through a two-year contract and an extensive training and coaching programme. Candidates who then will work for two years in your company.

Cooperating with Cullinan Academy has a number of advantages:

  • You will be provided with scarce talent to whom elder employees can pass on their specialist knowledge
  • You actively put a stop to the ageing of your workforce by choosing our candidates
  • Through our network you have access to the best candidates of national and international universities
  • You do not have to invest time and money in recruitment
  • You have the lead and we take care of an extensive two year personalized training programme
  • You do not have the costs of training and coaching
  • You have two years to get to know the candidate inside out
  • Through our highly skilled migrants status you have access to international talent, that can start immediately
  • You do not pay acquisitions costs when you take our candidate on after two years

Highly skilled migrants sponsor IND

Cullinan Academy is recognised as a highly skilled migrants sponsor by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). You can find our registration in the Public Register Recognized Sponsors, subdivision Recognized Sponsors for purpose of stay Labour (including High Skilled Migrant). Link to IND Register.

Candidates from outside of the EU can be deployed at a Dutch company immediately.

Candidate profiles

To give you an impression about candidates who are / have been working for us, just check the short description in the profiles. On request we can provide you with the full anonymous CV to see the complete background. We continuously have contact with similar graduates / young professionals, who are eager to start working by an interesting company via our perfect match or cyber security program.

Cyber Security Graduates

  • Young talent from The Netherlands, a curious researcher in the IT forensic discipline. He is a good team player with creative analytical skills and drive to complete projects. An open communicator who likes to express ideas through visualization. Open for receiving positive as well as negative feedback and willing to learn and become a real cyber security expert. Also able to build a good relationship with customers and colleagues.
  • This candidate finished his Bachelor degree in Computer Information Management in China , before coming to The Netherlands for his master of international Information Sciences Master at the University of Nijmegen. Between October 2012 and August 2013 he finished his NT2 course of Dutch as a second language at the Radboud University Nijmegen and in 2016 he followed a language course at the Regina Coelie Institute in Vught. He has an affinity to work with customers and has strong data analysis and visual modeling skills. He can gather business requirements and translate them into specific IT solutions. He is a very structured, organized, goal–focused and ambitious person, willing to walk the extra mile to achieve excellence.
  • This candidate from Turkey is an ambitious professional striving to pursue a professional career in cyber security. He aims to continue learning in computer programming and security after his master education service design and engineering in the EIT Digital Master program of the EU. The goal of this candidate is to acquire certifications in CISM, CISSP and CEH and develop into a real cyber security specialist who is the connection between business and cyber security.

Data Analyst Graduate

  • This candidate from China is an ambitious young international professional and very interested in data-science in the supply chain management area with a Bachelor in Finance and a master in supply chain management. Qualities that characterize him are a strong work ethic, ability to work under pressure and commitment. In addition, having lived in 4 countries (China, Australia, Norway and The Netherlands) and having studied in a highly international environment, has contributed in making him a very open-minded person that truly enjoys working in diverse teams. This candidate has already extensive knowledge on quantitative analysis skills, ability to reflect data into useful information, excellent Excel and communication skills. But also aims to keep learning in data-science and supply chain management to become more valuable for the organization he is working for.

Business/IT Graduate

  • This candidate from Germany has a Master degree in Business Information Management. During this degree she has followed programming courses, designing applications and Business-IT alignment. She is a natural teamleader, easy in communicating, good in time management and getting things done. She aspire a career in an innovative, multicultural company where she get to work with other creative young professionals. She wants to be part of the exciting transformation that digitization imposes on today’s business environment, exploring its opportunities and dealing with its challenges. Therefor she is looking for an IT related job, with the possibility to deepen her skills in programming to understand the influence of IT on the Business to be able to advice how to use IT in the best way possible.
  • This candidate form Poland has a master in business and economics. She is passionate about technology, learning new things, detailed oriented, stress resistant, flexible, product quality focused and enjoying working in a team. She is interested in applications, system integration, accounting software and data migration. Besides that she is used to work closely with users of different cultural backgrounds. She has also been working as a Business Analyst and has basic knowledge of IT Infrastructure.
  • This candidate from the Netherlands has his master Information Sciences gained work experience at several technical support desks, where his ability to satisfy customers has been tested and appears to be well developed. He likes to see the bright side of life, has great social skills and flourishes within a team. He has well developed analytical skills and sets high standards for himself. He also learned to solve all kind of user problems. He is very interested in working in close contact with the (internal) clients and suppliers in a challenging environment, with many opportunities to learn and grow. Just finished our program and started working at the client in the Oil & Gas industry.