About Us

Our vision

Each other quickly following technological changes, flexible employments, the ageing population and economic progress increase the demand for young highly qualified employees. In particular with multinationals. Those rough diamonds are scarce however. You only find them when at the same time actively operating in the academic world and in business, so you know which specialists organizations need and which ones are available. When you realize that real talent needs and has the ambition to develop. That there has to be room for that. That talent can be found both inside and outside The Netherlands. That you can match clients with candidates if you have mastered and take care of the whole process from recruitment up to and including training, coaching, work permit, housing and all other preconditions. That is what we do at Cullinan Academy. The perfect match comes through to us.

Our background

The Cullinan is the largest rough diamond that so far is found on earth. Joseph Asscher, early 1900 the most prominent diamond cutter, flawlessly adapted the stone into amongst other things the Great Star of Africa. Cullinan Academy strives for a flawless cooperation with candidates and clients. We believe in addition that polishing does grow your organization and our candidates. That explains our name.

Just like Asscher with the Cullinan, we approach the recruitment process with care. We take our time. Not just meet the candidate but also his or her professor. Know our candidate’s motives and growth potential. Only in this way we can provide our clients with scarce talents, which on both the short and long term are a surplus value for the organization.

Our clients rank among the bests in their line of business. They are organizations that continuously develop and give our candidates the same free rein. That is why the perfect match comes about.

Cullinan Academy polishes, in close cooperation with her clients, rough diamonds into the crown jewels of organizations.