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Cullinan Academy provides training and coaching for professionals

Welcome to Cullinan Academy!

World class employers and exceptional talents find each other at Cullinan Academy. We arrange the perfect match between those two. We can because we work together with the top 100 businesses as well as leading national and international universities. Because we stay one step ahead of economical, political and social developments. Because we continue to develop ourselves, just like our candidates and clients do. That is why Cullinan Academy has the right candidate for every organization.

Start your career with Cullinan Academy

You start your career at Cullinan Academy because you constantly want to push your limits. You got your master’s degree in ICT, Finance or Engineering and scored above average. But that is not the only thing. You achieved results in other areas of life next to your study. You are dynamic and ambitious. You face problems as chances to find new ways of doing things. In addition you have the social skills to work on your own as well as part of a team in any culture and environment. If you have this profile, then Cullinan Academy offers you an international career start with a multinational.

High graduates come two years on our payroll and have the possibility to get to know their possible future employer inside out. Every candidate finished a master study with an above average score. But that is not the only thing. They achieved results in other areas of life next to their study. They face problems as chances to search for innovative solutions. In addition our candidates have the social skills to work independently as well as part of a team in any culture and environment. Finally every candidate wants to invest in his or her own future. To develop himself. Amongst other things through the extensive personalized training programme we offer them.

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High grads for multinationals anticipating the future

Top 100 companies want to be the best in their line of business. That is only possible with employees aiming for the same goal. With young graduates who have more qualities than just a Master’s degree. You do not have to find those rare candidates. That we have already done for you.

Cullinan Academy is well introduced in the national and international academic world. That gives us the position to bind to us a select group of high graduates through a two-year contract. Candidates who can start immediately at your company. Even the international ones, because we are officially recognised by the IND to employ highly skilled migrants. During two years you just need to get to know each other inside out. We take care of all the other things.

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Educational Services

Cullinan Academy offers training and coaching for professionals. Standard and customized training through open enrolment as well as in-company, both nationally and internationally. Our offer is broad and deep and aims at the development of professional as well as personal skills. Thus matching with organizations and candidates who know that growth is only then possible when you continuously improve yourself.

We offer you amongst other things training courses for BiSL®, Change Management, ITIL®, PRINCE2®, CISM®, CISSP® and CISA® certification and Business Skills training courses.

Cullinan Academy has the VOI quality mark and is APMG accredited. This ensures you of a constant high quality of training, trainers and study material.

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